Sanne Bolkenstein is Differentiator of 2017!

Sanne Bolkenstein is Differentiator of 2017!

On Friday March 3rd, the annual Differentiator-award was handed out by Vrouwen van Nu, a Dutch women’s organization that wants to improve the world with the power of women. Vrouwen van Nu is the largest women’s organization in the Netherlands. She rewards a woman who has successfully advocated for women’s emancipation every year with the Differentiator of the year-award. At the AFRIpads Foundation, we are proud that our chair Sanne Bolkenstein was elected to take this prize home this year! Tineke Luijendijk, chair of Vrouwen van Nu, highlighted the impact Sanne has as chair of the AFRIpads Foundation: “You really are making a difference and are a role model for many women. It is absolutely justified that you have become Vrouwen van Nu Differentiator of 2017.” With this award, the AFRIpads Foundation gets, besides recognition for her work, exposure at Vrouwen van Nu’s 47.000 members, which is something we’re very happy about! Because of the Differentiator of 2017-award she received on March 3rd from the Vrouwen van Nu foundation, our chair Sanne Bolkenstein was asked to visit Radio1 on Wednesday March 29th. She was “The Optimist of the day”, someone who shares a positive story, free of his or her own choice. Of course it didn’t take Sanne long to decide what her story had to be about – AFRIpads of course! After a short interview she was allowed to give a passionate speech about why it is worth to invest in women. You can listen to the interview (in Dutch) here!

Date 04 March 2017

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